What do great leaders have to say?

"We set out to redefine our brand in 2016. After a false start with a big expensive agency, we found Daniel to be extraordinarily talented, results-oriented, and an absolute joy to work with. He assembled an incredible team and led the project from start to finish. I'm impressed with the simplicity and enduring nature of the output. Our customers love it and our entire team is energized behind it!"

"When it came time to undertake a massive rebranding effort, Daniel was able to step in and provide both deep experience and a wide design skill set to allow us to successfully explore and implement a full rebranding."

"Daniel is thorough, dedicated, creative, and it shows in his work. He is great to work with because he is professional, supportive, and an excellent problem solver. I learned a lot from Daniel during my time with him and would work with him again in an instant."

"Daniel is an extraordinary talent. A meticulous designer, he is the embodiment of a pro's pro. Daniel's knowledge of design has few peers. He is also a gifted educator — helping and mentoring his colleagues with great enthusiasm and skill."

"As a leader, Daniel has always been supportive, diplomatic, and fair. His dedication to the craft and to his job are exceptional, and his efforts to inspire and educate the team, to keep our collective eye on the big picture, have always been appreciated."

"Daniel has solid design chops and a terrific mind for architecture and usability; basically, he can do it all. It's a level of talent that'd be intimidating were Daniel not also a generous and thoughtful collaborator."

"Daniel is a terrific UI designer. He has great natural design talent and is especially strong in the areas of user interface and software design. He has amazing attention to detail that clearly shows through in his work."

"Daniel is a tremendous speaker. I asked him to speak to my class on product design and he gave an inspiring, insightful talk that both educated and motivated my students. I'd recommend highly him to anyone holding a conference or a class."